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PBTV Music & Radio Channels

  • Stingray MusicFree

Even if your radio cannot tune into your favorite local radio station, your PBTV can! Along with local radio, PBTV includes many other music channels in all of our television packages.

TVE indicates that the Channel is available with PBTV Everywhere

Ch. Music Channels
1000 Hit List TVE
Today's hottest hits with recent favorites.
1001 Urban Beats TVE
Hip hop culture featuring recent hits of today.
1002 Jammin TVE
Hot reggae and island music.
1003 Dance Clubbin’ TVE
From the dance floor to your living room!
1004 Groove Disco & Funk TVE
Full on Disco and Funk; try keeping still to this.
1005 The Chill Lounge TVE
Ambient, trip hop, downtempo, chill... electronic mood at its best.
1006 The Light TVE
Inspiring pop and folk Christian music.
1007 Classic RnB & Soul TVE
Motown, Stax, Philly and more, all the movers and shakers of the soul years!
1008 Soul Storm TVE
Contemporary soul and R&B.
1009 Gospel TVE
From contemporary gospel songs to the power of gospel traditions.
1010 No Fences TVE
A blend of your favorite country classics from the 80s and 90s.
1011 Classic Rock TVE
Classic rock of the late 60s to the 80s.
1012 Alternative Rock Classic TVE
Revel in alternative music from the 80s and 90s era
1013 Rock TVE
Great rock from the 80s to today.
1014 Heavy Metal TVE
All the classics that made metal what it is today.
1015 Rock Alternative TVE
The essence of rock today: new and newer tunes.
1016 Classic Masters TVE
Concertos, symphonies and ballet music from 1760 to today.
1017 Adult Alternative TVE
Contemporary pop rock with great sons from yesterday.
1018 Pop Classics TVE
The world's best loved melodies of the past 200 years.
1019 Pop Adult TVE
From today's hitmakers to perennial favorites.
1020 Nothin’ But 90's TVE
All of the hits of the 90s.
1021 Everything 80’s TVE
The best of pop music from the 80s.
1022 Flashback 70’s TVE
Relive an explosive decade that was the 70s.
1023 Jukebox Oldies TVE
Rock and roll from the 50s and 60s.
1024 Maximum Party TVE
Let this be the soundtrack to any great party.
1025 Swinging Standards TVE
The names are legendary; the songs are classics.
1026 Kids Stuff TVE
The worlds best children's entertainers and storytellers.
1027 Country Americana TVE
Americana is the crossroads for country, folk and rock music.
1028 Hot Country TVE
All the hits from today's new country.
1029 Country Classics TVE
The best-loved traditional and classic country music.
1030 Folk Roots TVE
The best songwriting and storytelling.
1031 Bluegrass TVE
Traditional bluegrass and the stars of today's best pickers.
1032 Holiday Hits TVE
All the best classic holiday songs for your listening enjoyment.
1033 Jazz Masters TVE
Artists that shaped the world of jazz from the 50s and 60s.
1034 Smooth Jazz TVE
The easiest groove from the hottest in contemporary jazz.
1035 Jazz Now TVE
An aural snapshot of the world of jazz today. Cool and contemporary!
1036 Jazz/Blues TVE
Classic blues from the 60s to the new artists of today.
1037 Hip Hop TVE
Rhythms, rhymes, samples and beats.
1038 Easy Listening TVE
Showcasing well-known songs and melodies in the most relaxing way.
1039 The Spa TVE
Relaxing instrumental electro-acoustic music.
1040 Chamber Music TVE
Intimate small ensemble and recital works of the world's greatest conporsers.
1041 Latino Urbana TVE
Popular Latin sounds with and urban hip hop twist.
1042 Today’s Latin Pop TVE
The best in today's emerging Latin pop artists.
1043 Latino Tropical TVE
Today's hottest salsa, rumba and tropical hits.
1044 Romance Latino TVE
Love Songs in Spanish.
1045 Retro Latino TVE
Enjoy the best of yesterday's Latin and big stars and songs.
1046 Rock en Espanol TVE
The best of Rock and Rock Alternative in Spanish.
1047 Broadway TVE
Experience all your favourite show tune hits. Bright lights here we come!
1048 Eclectic Electronic TVE
This is electronic music for life at the club level.
1049 Y2K TVE
All about the 2000’s! The Y2K generation is all about media, internet hype and anything new; including music.

1052 KOZY
1054 KKBJ AM - Talk Radio 1360 AM
1055 KBUN Sports Radio 1450
1061 KBSB 89.7 - FM 90 Music on the Cutting Edge
1064 WMIS 92.1 The River
1066 KZY-FM 95.5
1067 KKCQ 96.7 FM
1068 KMFY 96.9 FM
1070 WBJI - Real Country 98.3
1071 KLLZ 99.1 - Real Rock
1073 KB101 Continuous Country
1074 KKBJ - Mix 103.7 - Today's Best Hits
1075 KAXE - Northern Community Radio
1076 KKEQ 107.1 - Your QFM
1077 KBUN 104.5 The Bun 2.0 Sports Radio
1078 KBAJ J105 The Thunder 105.5
1079 KXBR The Bridge 91.9 FM *
1080 KBHW/KADU Psalm 99.5 *
1082 KBHW Sanctuary Radio *
1085 KKWB The Coyote 102.5 FM *
1088 Minnesota Radio Talking Book

*These local radio stations are only available to PBTV customers who receive the service via Internet Protocol (IP).  To find out if the IP system is available at your location and/or schedule the installation of the new IP system, please contact our offices